Courses and training
Evers Research & training presents courses and training related to qualitative research methods, including data collection, data analysis and the use of specific qualitative research software, such as ATLAS.ti. You will find more information about our courses and training sessions on the courses page. Evers Research & training is registered with the Centraal Register Kort Beroeps Onderwijs (CRKBO), so we can offer our training on a VAT-free basis. Our other business activities are taxed with VAT.

Organisation and support of research projects
Evers Research & training also provides methodological advice on the organisation of research projects and can support such projects if necessary. With our expert knowledge and experience, we design scientific or policy-based studies and also conduct such studies on assignment.

Data collection
We also arrange empirical data collection using methods including qualitative in-depth interviews, focus groups, (participant) observation, photography and the consulting and gathering of secondary sources (such as reports, correspondence, journals, etc., as well as online sources).

Analysis of qualitative data
To create analyses that are systematically organised, we analyse qualitative data with the help of specialist analysis software such as ATLAS.ti.

Thanks to its extended network, Evers Research & Training can always call on the right experts, including in the field of quantitative research.

We determine the best option for you or your organisation in close consultation with you.