ATLAS.ti for novices
nl/uk7 and 8 September 2020Jeanine EversTwo days of practice and learning how to use the software
ATLAS.ti for advanced users
uk1 and 2 October 2020Susanne FrieseContinuation of your own project as part of a small group.
Designs in Qualitative Researchnlupon requestFijgje de BoerA day to practice and consider the possible design of your own research.
Discourse analysis
nl5 and 6 October 2020Gerben MoermanTwo days of practicing the use of this form of analysis.
Focus groups
nl23 and 24 September 2020Jeanine Evers and Ad van FessemTwo days of theory and practice focusing on this form of interviewing and on the special techniques involved.
MAXQDA for novices
nl29 September 2020Jeanine EversOne day of practice and learning how to use Maxqda software.
(Participant) Observation
nl11 and 25 September 2020Damian ZaitchTwo days of practicing two forms of observation used as data collection techniques.
Action research: working with participants
nl14 and 28 September 2020Famke van LieshoutOne day of in-depth exploration focusing on the pros, cons and pitfalls of the application of participant research.
QDA Miner for novicesnlupon requestJeanine EversTwo days of practice and learning how to use the software
Qualitative analysis
nl17 and 18 September 2020Jeanine Evers and Richard Staring or Hans MarksTwo days of theory and practice focusing on various qualitative analysis strategies.
Qualitative analysisukupon requestJeanine Evers and Floryt van Wesel or Richard StaringOne day of theory and practice with different analytic techniques.
Qualitative interviewing
nl 15 and 16 September 2020Jeanine Evers and Frank van Gemert and/or Ad van FessemTwo days of practicing interviewing skills.
Quality requirements for qualitative researchnlupon requestJeanine EversA day of learning about the quality requirements for qualitative research and about applying these to your own research.
Qualitative synthesisnlupon requestFloryt van WeselA day to explore this method of doing systematic reviews as part of qualitative research.
Naturalistic Inquiry: Introduction to Qualitative Research
nl4 September 2020Joost Beuving and Geert de Vries A day of learning about qualitative research, the role of time and applying this method to your own research.