Courses and training
Since May 2011, Evers Research & Training has offered the former KWALON courses, well-known in the Netherlands and Flanders since 2004. Our courses and training are both presented by lecturers who have more than earned their wings in the field of qualitative research. A number of them also teach qualitative research at various universities and applied sciences universities. Our lecturers work in a range of disciplines, including continued education, anthropology, policy, management, healthcare, administration, criminology, history, educational theory, political science, social psychology and sociology. Evers Research & training can also arrange tailor-made training in consultation with clients.

Short-term training for researchers and academics
As Evers Research & training associates, lecturers also present short, intensive training to researchers and academics. Because of their many years of lecturing and research experience, such training is at a high standard.

Locations and prices of courses
The duration of courses presented by Evers Research & Training is one or two days. The courses are usually offered twice a year at the central location of the Erasmus University Rotterdam at Burgemeester Oudlaan 50. The cost per course varies from €400 to €650. Please email us for more information. We can also present onsite courses at your organisation upon request. Please request a quote from us.